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Halloween! September 23, 2007

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My most recent obsessions have been delicious green tea, gambling, smoking cigars, the iPhone and Halloween.  Halloween will soon take over as #1 since it is quickly approaching.

I seriously can’t wait for Halloween!  I am going as a gangster.  I have plans on going to a bar Halloween night and hopefully winning a costume contest.  I am so excited!  🙂


I hurt so much … September 17, 2007

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So, I went to a concert last night and got beer dumped all over me and had a ton of hard hitters beating me up.  I wimped out and bailed as soon as possible!  🙂


So Vegas carries over into Tucson … September 15, 2007

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So I spent about five or six hours in an Indian casino last night.  It really wasn’t a fruitful experience for me since I lost $100 overall, however it was fun to keep wining enough to be able to play for that long at least!

Life has been pretty slow for me lately, mainly because I had been sick the past week or so from some crazy cold I must have caught when I got back into town.  I am told it is from the airplane, which does make sense except that my traveling buddies didn’t get the same thing and I had rubbed antibacterial hand-sanitizer all over me before I got on the plane, during and after.   Yes, I know it could have been airborne, but I am just going to continue to claim that it is the fact that I am allergic to returning home from vacations.

I have gotten myself into a kind of hard place lately.  I think I will have to make some serious changes soon because I need to adjust and get myself back on track again.  I kind of let myself derail in a way because of all of this personal drama I had early on in the year and it is still trying to catch its way back up to me.  I will make it through everything.  I just will have to adjust and recommit my life to something more important than anything else (which would be me, of course) and keep myself on track.

One thing that I should work on this week is focus.  I think that should be my goal for now.  I need to focus more on my life and controlling it.  I am letting too many things get out of hand and I know better than that.  I need to learn to pay attention to whatever project I am working on and not lead myself astray.  Once I master that, maybe I can move on to something different but I think focus will be something that will be difficult for me, since I always have given myself so many distractions.  Hopefully I will be able to overcome this problem …


IDK, some Vegas Vac. 411 2 keep on the DL September 11, 2007

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Apparently, “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” … in my case however, it is not necessary!  What happened in my week long adventure to Sin City was the following:

  1.  Gambling!  Especially roulette for some strange reason
  2. Eating … and more eating … and even more eating to the point where I never want to eat again!
  3. Drinking .. it is hard for me to not drink when it is free!

It was definitely a fun time.  We got to see Sway from MTV News at the Palms since it was the week of the MTV Video Music Awards and all and the was exciting.  I joined the player’s club at three different casinos.  My only regret — only getting 1/5 of the required points at the Palms towards getting a free t-shirt which read, “What happens at the Palms, never happened” … got to love that!

In other news, I do love the new texting commerical from AT&T … hence the title of this entry …


Highlights from my journal (Week 1) August 27, 2007

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“Since I have yet been able to master the art of communication, and I do not feel comfortable discussing my feelings with other people I started this journal.  I had a nervous breakdown today and I believe this will be somewhat therapeutic for me.

… (edited for content)  🙂

My main problem is that I feel emotionally damaged.  I always give, and give and give and when things don’t work out, I feel like pieces of my soul are lost forever because of it.

Today was interesting because I got to see Superbad with Chris.  It was an awesome movie and it really made me want to change my name to McLovin.  I am convinced that only good can come from that.

I want to start setting goals for myself.  Here are some recent ideas:

1.)  Learn to speak Polish fluently

2.)  Lose 10-15 pounds, just to feel healthier and happier

3.)  Smile more

The last one is most important to me.  I want people to see me as a happy and positive individual and smiling always helps with gaining confidence and trust with new people.  Being fluent in Polish is also important to me.  I will sort of feel like I am letting my heritage go if I don’t even try and my family worked so hard to come to this country and provide a life for my parents and for me I really want to hang on to that.”

Yes, that was the Reader’s Digest version and I left out all of the juicy personal details but it is definitely a step in the right direction for me.  Maybe I will build up enough confidence to one day feel better about putting the way I feel out there for everyone to see but this is just one little baby step at a time.


I started a journal August 25, 2007

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I thought maybe since I have been suffering from lack of sleep and my freakish need to constantly clean my room has become tiresome I would start writing in a journal.  Yes, I realize that my blog is supposed to be journal like, however, I don’t ever write about personal things so much on here because … well, duh, it is on the internet.

I might start posting highlights from my diary (no, that sounds too wimpy)  journal on here.  Who knows what great psychotic rants I will get into now that I am totally a walking zombie.

On a side note, Facebook is totally the bigger waste of time than even MySpace.  I have friends on Facebook that I have seen or spoken to since like elementary school.  It is insane!  MySpace is still a social disease however I am begining to think that Facebook is so much worse.  I can only waste a half an hour at a time on MySpace but Facebook I can waste hours on end with.  I mean … WTF?


Harold and Kumar Go to Amsterdam

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This is the movie to end all movies.  Can’t wait til ’08!


So I bought a new alarm clock… August 15, 2007

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So I bought a new alarm clock, after badly breaking my old one.  I had no idea how much I had mangled that thing until I looked at my new one and compared it to the remainder of my old alarm clock.  It was strange getting something so fancy just to wake me up but it did work.  In fact, I didn’t even have to set the time since it automatically knows by some crazy clock magic.  Now I should be getting ready for work now instead of typing this.  Too bad they haven’t invented off-task alarms yet.


Communication Today August 8, 2007

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The best thing about the world today is the fact that we have so many ways to keep in touch.  I am finding friends from years ago and have been keeping in touch through email and stuff.  It is exciting to know that everyone you once knew is out there still and you can kind of look in on them and say hi once in awhile.  Today’s world is so very exciting and fun.


Freaking Bored! August 4, 2007

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OK, here’s my problem. I am bored out of my mind and I have nothing to do today. I already spent a ton of money this week that I had originally planned on saving. It was all a part of my plan to buy new and exciting things before I move, which will be soon because I am going crazy. As much as I didn’t like living on the east side of town, I loved my apartment there because I at least had a little yard. I am desperately looking for a place like that on the north side of Tucson because not only was it quite since only old people lived there for the most part, but it was affordable and not huge. I would much rather live in a small apartment complex then a huge one and that’s all I have really been finding.

I was tossing around the idea of buying a condo, but I am not certain I could afford anything without a roommate since I have a new car to pay for but who knows. Maybe next year or so housing costs will level out a little more. I need to move to Texas where houses are cheap. 😦

Anyway… enough rambling. I am going to find something productive to do now.