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“madame kat” … you’re my hheerroo … May 31, 2007

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I think it is absolutely hilarious that many people read my blog yet only she comments on it.  That is why she is my hero!

“madame kat”:

BTW —  You rock!

Your minion,

“Cinnamon”  =)


Today was one of a kind … May 30, 2007

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Today was a roller coaster of ups and downs. I am hoping that if I get a lot of good sleep and try to motivate myself I can make tomorrow a better day. My feeler must be damaged or something the way how I swung from emotion to emotion … I didn’t sad today, just angry or average. I hit happy at the end of the day. The guy with AIDS on the middle to late seasons of Beverly Hills 90210 said, “Avoid melancholy at all costs.” I think he is right.  That is the worst feeling ever.  I just will eliminate sadness entirely from my feeler chart.

In other news, I was informed that the “MySpace” is not only a social disease, but it is also an addiction that many people suffer from. I almost slipped into this addiction, mainly because I check my personal email on a daily basis and the MySpace has these tantalizing little emails stating that someone has sent a message, or left a comment, or wants to be a friend.

I was checking it on a daily basis because of those evil little notes suggesting that I should … I don’t think I will anymore. At least not more than twice a week. It has been two whole days since I have gone on that evil web page. I feel quite good about it. I think I will wait until Friday at least before I let the mystery get to me.


Current feeling – Inadequate! Where is that one, damn it?! May 28, 2007

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So yes, in one of my previous postings I described how I only have one feeling at a time and how I should write a book about it and maybe invent a feeling chart so people can point at whatever feeling they have … apparently some moron already stole my idea. DAMN IT.



Life could be better if …

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Life could be about a billion times better if you could order your friends and loved ones like sandwiches. Here is my example of a boyfriend sandwich:

  • Fancy hair
  • Funny
  • Smart
  • Slightly scruffy and unkempt
  • Hold the disgustingly clingy behavior

And oh yeah, I definitely would like to get the extra value meal with the door openings and starter dinner and movie date. Can I get that super sized? =)


    My Happy Place May 27, 2007

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    There are only a few things in life that make me truly happy. I have decided that one of the most wonderful ways to cheer yourself up is to list things so here are my top twenty-five things (in no particular order) that make me smile.

    1. Bubble-gum
    2. Gel pens
    3. Hand sanitizer
    4. My car (1996 Pontiac Firebird)
    5. Quoting movie/TV/music lines or lyrics
    6. Merry Chris Smith!
    7. Iced Green Tea
    8. Watches
    9. The smell of rain
    10. Vacuum cleaners
    11. Jeffy
    12. Cadillacs
    13. Holidays of every sort
    14. Political/Religious debates
    15. Fancy cell phones
    16. Jengi (she is a funny girl)
    17. Skittles
    18. Soccer
    19. Drinking, smokin’, straight west coastin’
    20. Video Games
    21. Dawnya
    22. Counting things
    23. Laundry
    24. Michael Bolton (the Office Space character, not the singer)
    25. Randomly listing things

    … and I still did not get fired! May 25, 2007

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    One of my managers had been in the middle of printing things and I noticed her “Please Load Paper” light had came on.  I put one sheet of paper in her printer.  Then I left.  =)

    She got mad that only one page came out and the “Load Paper” light wasn’t on.  It was really funny.

    She found out I did that … but I didn’t get fired.

    I will have to try harder next time.


    The “MySpace” May 22, 2007

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    Those who know me, know that I sort of thought the MySpace was an evil website.  Mainly because of it’s clever cover as a happy blog/networking site when it is actually a wonderful stalking tool.  I call it “the MySpace” because when you have one, it is sort of like having a social disease, in the sense that everyone is curious about it but doesn’t necessary want it.

    I had the MySpace a few years ago for about a month.  I found that it was fun talking to my friends and rediscovering people I had forgotten about but then when a couple of crazy people I didn’t like tried to “be my friend” I knew I couldn’t handle it.   I deleted my account and left it at that.

    Since then, I decided in April, I would give it another shot.  Someone taught me how to “block” people and it has been wonderful ever since.  Well … one exception.  It seems like all this creepy people keep trying to “friend” me.  People who just want to tell me about how they got a free Coach bag in the mail today and all they had to do was complete hundreds of surveys and sign up for a credit card, take a blood test, give out their social security number and order their pets medication online.  One girl keeps trying to tell me that my penis is too small and “cribgirfriends” lie … I don’t know what a “cribgirlfriend” is but I don’t have a small penis.  I actually don’t have a penis at all, but if I did I am sure I would be happy with the size.

    Beware of these people.  They seem happy in their pictures but really, they just want to flood your MySpace (your … my … space … doesn’t really work but oh well!) with sick and twisted lies!  ALL LIES!  xXx.Brenda.xXx, Dylan and !~!Steph!~! … I am on to you … and I know about all of your shenanigans!


    Street Justice! May 21, 2007

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    Occasionally, I like to go and drive around and I notice that someone is either not paying attention or essentially making up their own rules as far as driving is concerned. I know everyone has seen this once or twice in their lifetimes where Mr. “I-am-too-busy-trying-to-find-my-CD” is obviously digging under the back seat while attempting to turn onto a busy road and nearly plows into the side of another car or little “Miss Thang” is looking in her mirror at either the guy behind her or trying to fix her make-up and hits the gas instead of her brakes and either A) hits another car or B) runs a redlight.

    There are other variations on these offensive drivers but that is not the point. The point is that there is in fact STREET JUSTICE on occasion. Here is a prime example:

    On my way home from work I was driving down a smaller street where there is no official left turn lane until one gets within 100 feet or so of an intersection. This is where our friend Mr. “I-am-too-important-to-wait-at-a-redlight” decided to try and out smart us all by driving on the wrong side of the road, as fast as he could so he can get in the left turn lane before the green arrow was over. Right after he nearly plows into on-coming traffic a newer gold Malibu does the same thing. Only this Malibu has blue and red lights on the dash. The guy made the light, but I don’t think he made it home as quickly as he wanted.

    That is what I call street justice!


    Tucson Heat May 20, 2007

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    Today I went car shopping with one of my friends. It was so hot I felt like the sun had eatten my soul. I felt light headed and drained for an hour after we were finished. I also drank a half a gallon of water since we gave up on car shopping.

    Tucson really sucks in the summer.


    A Day at the Theatre May 19, 2007

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    Here is a dialogue I witnessed at a local movie theatre recently:

    A woman walks up to the movie theatre ticket window, with her husband following close behind her.

    Ticket Seller: Hello! How can I help you?

    (after an awkward silence)

    Woman: SPIDERMAN?

    (I don’t think she realized that she didn’t need to answer in the form of a question … it wasn’t Jeopardy … and I don’t think she knew that a normal volume would be sufficent)

    Ticket Seller: Did you want the 10:45 showing?

    Woman: YES. (she turned to her husband) Do you have cash?

    Husband pushes a $20 bill to the ticket seller.

    Ticket Seller: Just two tickets?

    Woman: YES. THANK YOU!

    It became obvious that this couple doesn’t go to the movies very often. I decided to wait to see Spiderman at a later date.