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The Death of a Moth May 17, 2007

Filed under: Humor,Strange Observations — pixystixy @ 10:39 am

Yesterday, while I was at work, I made an interesting discovery.

I was speaking on the phone with an insurance agent when I felt a small breeze of air go by, right by my head. It was followed by a small thud hitting the paper I had been working on. It was a moth who was about the size of one of those pink erasers (so yes, he was really big!) and he had just landed on my desk, legs up. My first thought was that he must have died mid-flight.

He, in fact, was not dead yet. He just landed there legs up, spreading that strange mothy wing dust all over so he could finish dying apparently. The moth began spasming and seemed to be having a little insect heart attack. It’s legs started to flail and thrash in every direction and I watched, horrified, as it’s body seemed to tighten up. Finally, he went limp.

After staring blankly at him for a long time, I picked up my waste basket and started using a piece of paper to scoop him into it. As soon as the paper touched his little moth head, his body began to move again! I realized that he didn’t have a heart attack, he was having seizures. He must have been epileptic. Poor thing!

Since I did not know of anything else I could do, I waited until his seizure stopped and threw him away. It was sort of a burial at sea. Only without any on lookers. And without the water. Come to think about it, it wasn’t like a burial at sea at all. Hmm.


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