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Wheel me by the window, please. June 7, 2007

Filed under: Strange Observations — pixystixy @ 11:33 pm

Today at work I was looking down on everyone below and I noticed an elderly couple.  The woman was concentrating hard while filing out a paper and her husband, who was in a wheelchair, had been pushed so he could gaze out the large window in the front of the building.

That’s all I want in life.  I just want someone who will push me so I can look out the beautiful window.  It was so nice to see, but it made me sad too.  I feel  like I have no window to look at, and no one to help push me there.

That’s no big deal though.  I am told that “Everything will be OK.” … so there you have it.


One Response to “Wheel me by the window, please.”

  1. Karen Boyd Says:

    So, you you want to be an infant. We all are infantalized twice, at least in our lives. We are as very young people and again at the end of our days. Even if you are like The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.
    Well, there are many advantages to growing up too.
    Choice…the final frontier.

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