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Tucson boys stink. June 24, 2007

Filed under: Arizona,Strange Observations,Tucson — pixystixy @ 11:25 am

I think there must be an art to dating and being charming for girls somewhere.  So far the only thing I have heard is that girls just have to be cute to get dates.  I know that is not true, however.  Mainly because I think I am pretty cute and I don’t have guys lining up for me but who knows.

Maybe they are all intimidated by my greatness?  Or maybe I just need to learn to let go and forget about boys for awhile.

I remember I used to be like a pimp … I had three boyfriends at once!  Now I can’t even have a real date.  I think maybe I need to get the stench of failure off of my body.  I need to continue on my track  of success and maybe that will rub off on other aspects of my life.

I blame Tucson.  It is like every good looking, smart funny guy in Tucson is either married, seriously involved with someone or something else or gay.  Tucson could be more fun if there were just a few more average people like me in it.  Yes … it is Tucson’s fault for my lack of dating.


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