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My Reflection on the Chris Benoit News June 25, 2007

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Even though I have never considered myself an avid wrestling fan, the WWE has been catching a lot of flack for the recent death of Chris Benoit and his family and personally, I think it is wrong to criticize the WWE for the Vince McMahon “death stunt” at this time.

WWE is fake. Everyone knows it, including it’s most devote fans. Vince McMahon’s death was a huge publicity scheme to draw in more viewers and I must say, it was just shocking and attention grabbing enough to do just that.

Now that the deaths of Chris Benoit and his family are lumped into this ordeal, it has become a target of public outpouring criticism and anger. To me, this is just as ridiculous as blaming Marilyn Manson for the Columbine shootings.

As much as we wish to pinpoint easy to solve reasons for horrible events, it is not that clean cut and clear. I listen to hard rock music and play Grand Theft Auto but I am still proud to say I have never shanked a prostitute or contemplated murdering anyone.

We can’t blame television, music or the movies for these events. Yes, somethings on T.V. are in poor taste and there are CDs I won’t buy from certain artists but we can’t blame a disgusting attempt at marketing wrestling to a larger demographic for its timing. Who knew?


To further comment (June 26, 2007 at 11:44 pm)

To be honest, the “teasers” they had about McMahon’s death had me interested in watching! It seemed like an exciting storyline had finally began. I do not believe that Chris Benoit’s death did anything but take away from this since the WWE had to abandon the storyline immediately to have their “tribute” episode. I do agree with “Casual Observation” who commented on my earlier entry that doing this tribute may have been in poor taste since this situation is being investigated as a double murder-suicide still, however I do understand why the WWE would choose to do it this way.

Chris Benoit, as a wrestler, was amazing. Obviously the WWE and wrestling fans everywhere want to remember him as just that. I believe that is why the tribute was done. Many, many years ago, before information was literally at everyone’s fingertips this may have been enough to put positive spin on what happened … even to the point of ignoring evidence. In the age of technology however, we cannot accept the fact that someone larger than life who is idolized by hundreds and thousands of people could do such a thing … even if it is still speculation at this point.

Just like the Virginia Tech massacre, people are outraged by this move. Just as people were angered by news stations airing the manifesto of a deranged killer then, people will be mad about a tribute to a suspected murderer now. I understand that from both angles.

I am a firm believer that when tragedy strikes, sometimes it is just in best taste to announce it to the world and leave it be until more information comes to light. Speculation at this point is worthless, especially since the sheriffs working on this case seem to be tight-lipped still. I believe that the best move is to feel things out first, since it is obvious controversy will surround this subject for quite some time now … however the WWE is not unfamiliar with controversy at all. In fact, it sort of thrives on it so who knows. Maybe it was their prerogative to air this tribute right after the news came out about Benoit’s death after all.  Obviously no one will ever know for sure … except of course the “late” Vince McMahon. 😉


3 Responses to “My Reflection on the Chris Benoit News”

  1. Human Being Says:

    Sounds like the WWE is very afraid of losing money. Could there be a scandal on the horizon that was kept at bay for a little while longer due to the Benoit murders? And I DO NOT BUY the lie that Chris did it and then killed himself. NO WAY. Someone wanted him to shut up forever, and they wanted a message sent. “VENGEANCE” will be had if you don’t play by the WWE’s rules. Wait and see….

  2. Casual Observer Says:

    I am not angey about the Vince McMahon story line. It was inopportune timing to have the Benoit tragedy play out during this storyline – and that’s what it was- a storyline for fictional programming.

    What I AM mad at is the tribute being paid to a double-murderer. 3 hours were spent glorifying a man who suffocated his wife and 7 year old son. If he wasn’t a celebrity, no tributes would be paid for this kind of atrocity. And if he’d lived, he’d be going to prison or the electric chair.

    WWE should have made a statement saying the were canceling Monday Night Raw due to the terrible tragedy suffered by the Benoit family and they should have offered their condolances and been done with it.

    It was sickening.

  3. Human Being Says:

    You are making a mistake by agreeing with the mainstream lies.
    Chris Benoit was framed *and* murdered. No, I can’t prove it.
    That’s the “beauty” of a “(hit)job well done”. Way to go Vince!

    I look forward to the day when professional wrestling doesn’t exist.
    Such a frigging waste of people and money. For Christ’s sake people,
    read between the mainstream lies. Look at what doesn’t add up.

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