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So Vegas carries over into Tucson … September 15, 2007

Filed under: Personal — pixystixy @ 12:14 pm

So I spent about five or six hours in an Indian casino last night.  It really wasn’t a fruitful experience for me since I lost $100 overall, however it was fun to keep wining enough to be able to play for that long at least!

Life has been pretty slow for me lately, mainly because I had been sick the past week or so from some crazy cold I must have caught when I got back into town.  I am told it is from the airplane, which does make sense except that my traveling buddies didn’t get the same thing and I had rubbed antibacterial hand-sanitizer all over me before I got on the plane, during and after.   Yes, I know it could have been airborne, but I am just going to continue to claim that it is the fact that I am allergic to returning home from vacations.

I have gotten myself into a kind of hard place lately.  I think I will have to make some serious changes soon because I need to adjust and get myself back on track again.  I kind of let myself derail in a way because of all of this personal drama I had early on in the year and it is still trying to catch its way back up to me.  I will make it through everything.  I just will have to adjust and recommit my life to something more important than anything else (which would be me, of course) and keep myself on track.

One thing that I should work on this week is focus.  I think that should be my goal for now.  I need to focus more on my life and controlling it.  I am letting too many things get out of hand and I know better than that.  I need to learn to pay attention to whatever project I am working on and not lead myself astray.  Once I master that, maybe I can move on to something different but I think focus will be something that will be difficult for me, since I always have given myself so many distractions.  Hopefully I will be able to overcome this problem …


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