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Street Justice! May 21, 2007

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Occasionally, I like to go and drive around and I notice that someone is either not paying attention or essentially making up their own rules as far as driving is concerned. I know everyone has seen this once or twice in their lifetimes where Mr. “I-am-too-busy-trying-to-find-my-CD” is obviously digging under the back seat while attempting to turn onto a busy road and nearly plows into the side of another car or little “Miss Thang” is looking in her mirror at either the guy behind her or trying to fix her make-up and hits the gas instead of her brakes and either A) hits another car or B) runs a redlight.

There are other variations on these offensive drivers but that is not the point. The point is that there is in fact STREET JUSTICE on occasion. Here is a prime example:

On my way home from work I was driving down a smaller street where there is no official left turn lane until one gets within 100 feet or so of an intersection. This is where our friend Mr. “I-am-too-important-to-wait-at-a-redlight” decided to try and out smart us all by driving on the wrong side of the road, as fast as he could so he can get in the left turn lane before the green arrow was over. Right after he nearly plows into on-coming traffic a newer gold Malibu does the same thing. Only this Malibu has blue and red lights on the dash. The guy made the light, but I don’t think he made it home as quickly as he wanted.

That is what I call street justice!