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I started a journal August 25, 2007

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I thought maybe since I have been suffering from lack of sleep and my freakish need to constantly clean my room has become tiresome I would start writing in a journal.  Yes, I realize that my blog is supposed to be journal like, however, I don’t ever write about personal things so much on here because … well, duh, it is on the internet.

I might start posting highlights from my diary (no, that sounds too wimpy)  journal on here.  Who knows what great psychotic rants I will get into now that I am totally a walking zombie.

On a side note, Facebook is totally the bigger waste of time than even MySpace.  I have friends on Facebook that I have seen or spoken to since like elementary school.  It is insane!  MySpace is still a social disease however I am begining to think that Facebook is so much worse.  I can only waste a half an hour at a time on MySpace but Facebook I can waste hours on end with.  I mean … WTF?


Damn the “MySpace” and its evil tyranny! June 27, 2007

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Yes. I logged into the MySpace again today. #$%&!

I still hold firm that this disgustingly, guilty pleasure has been sucking the very last strands of reality that my generation has been holding onto. I seriously just need to turn off those awful email notifications that taunt me into logging in. The always tempt me by proclaiming that “<3 Jamie <3” wants to be my friend or “DaViD” has sent me a message.

If curiosity really did kill the cat, then thank God (or gods if you prefer or thank your mom if you’re not religious) because I would have been killed next if I didn’t attempt so much to withhold from signing into the devious web page.

I think Tom was onto something. The MySpace is like cocaine for the internet. Oh, what would we do if they ever started charging to use that stupid page? … I know what I would do … buy stock. Lots and lots of stock. I am on to you, MySpace people … you may be crafty but I am craftier. 🙂


Today was one of a kind … May 30, 2007

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Today was a roller coaster of ups and downs. I am hoping that if I get a lot of good sleep and try to motivate myself I can make tomorrow a better day. My feeler must be damaged or something the way how I swung from emotion to emotion … I didn’t sad today, just angry or average. I hit happy at the end of the day. The guy with AIDS on the middle to late seasons of Beverly Hills 90210 said, “Avoid melancholy at all costs.” I think he is right.  That is the worst feeling ever.  I just will eliminate sadness entirely from my feeler chart.

In other news, I was informed that the “MySpace” is not only a social disease, but it is also an addiction that many people suffer from. I almost slipped into this addiction, mainly because I check my personal email on a daily basis and the MySpace has these tantalizing little emails stating that someone has sent a message, or left a comment, or wants to be a friend.

I was checking it on a daily basis because of those evil little notes suggesting that I should … I don’t think I will anymore. At least not more than twice a week. It has been two whole days since I have gone on that evil web page. I feel quite good about it. I think I will wait until Friday at least before I let the mystery get to me.


The “MySpace” May 22, 2007

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Those who know me, know that I sort of thought the MySpace was an evil website.  Mainly because of it’s clever cover as a happy blog/networking site when it is actually a wonderful stalking tool.  I call it “the MySpace” because when you have one, it is sort of like having a social disease, in the sense that everyone is curious about it but doesn’t necessary want it.

I had the MySpace a few years ago for about a month.  I found that it was fun talking to my friends and rediscovering people I had forgotten about but then when a couple of crazy people I didn’t like tried to “be my friend” I knew I couldn’t handle it.   I deleted my account and left it at that.

Since then, I decided in April, I would give it another shot.  Someone taught me how to “block” people and it has been wonderful ever since.  Well … one exception.  It seems like all this creepy people keep trying to “friend” me.  People who just want to tell me about how they got a free Coach bag in the mail today and all they had to do was complete hundreds of surveys and sign up for a credit card, take a blood test, give out their social security number and order their pets medication online.  One girl keeps trying to tell me that my penis is too small and “cribgirfriends” lie … I don’t know what a “cribgirlfriend” is but I don’t have a small penis.  I actually don’t have a penis at all, but if I did I am sure I would be happy with the size.

Beware of these people.  They seem happy in their pictures but really, they just want to flood your MySpace (your … my … space … doesn’t really work but oh well!) with sick and twisted lies!  ALL LIES!  xXx.Brenda.xXx, Dylan and !~!Steph!~! … I am on to you … and I know about all of your shenanigans!