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I hurt so much … September 17, 2007

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So, I went to a concert last night and got beer dumped all over me and had a ton of hard hitters beating me up.  I wimped out and bailed as soon as possible!  🙂


Freaking Bored! August 4, 2007

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OK, here’s my problem. I am bored out of my mind and I have nothing to do today. I already spent a ton of money this week that I had originally planned on saving. It was all a part of my plan to buy new and exciting things before I move, which will be soon because I am going crazy. As much as I didn’t like living on the east side of town, I loved my apartment there because I at least had a little yard. I am desperately looking for a place like that on the north side of Tucson because not only was it quite since only old people lived there for the most part, but it was affordable and not huge. I would much rather live in a small apartment complex then a huge one and that’s all I have really been finding.

I was tossing around the idea of buying a condo, but I am not certain I could afford anything without a roommate since I have a new car to pay for but who knows. Maybe next year or so housing costs will level out a little more. I need to move to Texas where houses are cheap. 😦

Anyway… enough rambling. I am going to find something productive to do now.


Happy 4th of July July 4, 2007

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I love America, thank you for the random day off in the middle of the week and thank you for making me an accessory to a crime for smuggling illegal contraband into Arizona and thank you for the lovely hotdogs.

God bless America and the exciting week it has already brought to me.

Now let us celebrate by blowing up said illegal contraband and quite possibly starting a brushfire or losing a limb.

…that was a joke… no one will blow anything up until MUCH later today.


In-N-Out Burger is like mana from heaven July 2, 2007

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The best thing about living in Tucson now is that we have a brand new In-N-Out Burger finally.  Every day I go to work, I imagine that lovely red and yellow sign just a block away.  After eating my wonderful burger and fries I feel like a new person.  I feel like I can rebuild homes for the homeless and douse burning wildfires single-handedly.  I think I can find the cure for cancer.

The wonderful thing about this new found emotion of sheer, powerful motivation is that I look at my pile of work after I finish this glorious meal and I immediately abandon all hope that this emotion will stick around.  If I didn’t feel discouraged after that then my feeler theory wouldn’t hold up.  Although the delicious morsels that is In-N-Out burger does mess with my mind, I still love it.

Yes, I do love In-N-Out burger.  And yes, I would marry it … if it was legal to do that sort of thing in Arizona.


Tucson boys stink. June 24, 2007

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I think there must be an art to dating and being charming for girls somewhere.  So far the only thing I have heard is that girls just have to be cute to get dates.  I know that is not true, however.  Mainly because I think I am pretty cute and I don’t have guys lining up for me but who knows.

Maybe they are all intimidated by my greatness?  Or maybe I just need to learn to let go and forget about boys for awhile.

I remember I used to be like a pimp … I had three boyfriends at once!  Now I can’t even have a real date.  I think maybe I need to get the stench of failure off of my body.  I need to continue on my track  of success and maybe that will rub off on other aspects of my life.

I blame Tucson.  It is like every good looking, smart funny guy in Tucson is either married, seriously involved with someone or something else or gay.  Tucson could be more fun if there were just a few more average people like me in it.  Yes … it is Tucson’s fault for my lack of dating.


Street Justice! May 21, 2007

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Occasionally, I like to go and drive around and I notice that someone is either not paying attention or essentially making up their own rules as far as driving is concerned. I know everyone has seen this once or twice in their lifetimes where Mr. “I-am-too-busy-trying-to-find-my-CD” is obviously digging under the back seat while attempting to turn onto a busy road and nearly plows into the side of another car or little “Miss Thang” is looking in her mirror at either the guy behind her or trying to fix her make-up and hits the gas instead of her brakes and either A) hits another car or B) runs a redlight.

There are other variations on these offensive drivers but that is not the point. The point is that there is in fact STREET JUSTICE on occasion. Here is a prime example:

On my way home from work I was driving down a smaller street where there is no official left turn lane until one gets within 100 feet or so of an intersection. This is where our friend Mr. “I-am-too-important-to-wait-at-a-redlight” decided to try and out smart us all by driving on the wrong side of the road, as fast as he could so he can get in the left turn lane before the green arrow was over. Right after he nearly plows into on-coming traffic a newer gold Malibu does the same thing. Only this Malibu has blue and red lights on the dash. The guy made the light, but I don’t think he made it home as quickly as he wanted.

That is what I call street justice!


Tucson Heat May 20, 2007

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Today I went car shopping with one of my friends. It was so hot I felt like the sun had eatten my soul. I felt light headed and drained for an hour after we were finished. I also drank a half a gallon of water since we gave up on car shopping.

Tucson really sucks in the summer.